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We strive to bring customers the relief they need in products they can trust. Find a dispensary near you.
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The Montana dispensary operation is an example of how The Company has been able to quickly establish itself in a new market and thrive amidst the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.
Montana Dispensaries
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Our expansion of wholesale operations began in Oklahoma in 2019. Manufacturing and Cultivation began as of February 2020.  We currently operate and manage 10 dispensaries in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Dispensaries

Customer Reviews

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Levi Hale
My car broke down leaving me stranded in butte.... my experience was with a gentleman named Russ he was a super rad dude and I'm not proud to call him my friend if places treated you like Russ does the world would be a better place.... he heard my store and even bought me lunch I will for sure recommend this place to anyone hands down best experience I've had and real made butte a special place I my heart hopefully our paths will pass once again
5 star rating on Google
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Amy Johnson
My first time in any pot shop he was very helpful, nice I would definitely recommend it
4 star rating on Google
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Leona Baker
I absolutely love this dispensary! I've never found one so respectful and comfortable. My favorite part is that I'm there everyday and I love to help any customer with medicating the right way. Smoke weed, be happy, live and prosper.