Top Shelf Botanicals VIP CLUB

Get Discounts, Rewards & Exclusive Offers on Cannabis Products

Our VIP Club combines all the benefits of our Rewards Program, with additional benefits exclusive to VIP Club members only.  VIP membership gives you the highest level of savings on your favorite flower, edibles, vapes, swag, and more

How it Works

Step 1
Join the VIP Program
Step 2
Check your email for Gift Code
Step 3
Shop at any of our locations
Step 4
Redeem your $10 Gift

VIP Club Points Program

Earn points with every purchase

VIP club members receive points for every dollar spent in any of our dispensaries. Points are awarded at 10% of the total of all transactions. Ex: spend $100 and get 10 VIP points, or $10 toward future purchases.
  • No membership fees
  • No limit on points earned
  • No daily Limit
  • No expiration date on points
  • Med & Rec are welcome
  • No minimum purchases amount
  • No limit on type of products
  • 7 days a week
  • Multiple locations
VIP Points cannot be used in combination with other sales promotions or discount programs. For example, we offer 25% Veteran & Student Discounts. If applicable, you can choose to use either the 25% discount or your VIP Points, but not both at the same time. Either way, you still earn rewards for your purchase, regardless of which discount you choose.

Join Now for a Limited Time Gift

Once you signup you will receive a VIP Club code in your email. Present the code to your budtender and receive $10 toward your purchase. Purchases must be $40 or more to redeem your gift.
Join Now
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