About Us

Top Shelf Botanicals has a proven record of success in a nascent medical cannabis market. The Company’s vertically integrated model allows it to quickly establish a presence and become a formidable competitor. Top Shelf Botanicals offers a full range of cannabis and cannabis-related products to meet the needs of its patients, using superior cultivation and extraction methods to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of all products that carry the Top Shelf Botanicals label.

All cannabis products sold under the Top Shelf Botanicals name in Montana are produced using 100% Top Shelf Botanicals grown flowers.

The Montana operation is an example of how The Company has been able to quickly establish itself in a new market and thrive amidst the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Top Shelf Botanicals began operating in Montana in July 2017 and consistently experienced month over month organic growth, now operating 3 cultivation facilities and 8 dispensaries in the Montana market. This growth enabled the expansion of wholesale operations into Oklahoma in 2019, which is also a new medical cannabis state.

Wholesale production of Cannabis Extracts to begin in the fall of 2019. A Missouri Expansion of Top Shelf Botanicals is also currently underway, with Medical Cannabis license applications under review in Missouri. Operations in Missouri will begin in Spring 2020, with cultivation planned for Conway, MO and dispensaries in 5 Missouri cities.



Dr. Wes Stucki

Dr. Stucki has served as Chairman and CEO of a Nasdaq healthcare company from 1995-2011. This company-owned and operated pediatrics, internal medicine, family practice, and urgent care clinics.

Dr. Stucki has authored many papers and manuals on healthcare management and has often been sought after as a guest speaker. Between 1983 and 1990 Dr. Stucki opened over 100 Multi discipline health care clinics in 6 different States. They quickly became one of the largest and most successful multi-clinic operations in the United States.

He currently focuses on the Medical Cannabis industry. Dr. Stucki was honored to be one of 15 applicants chosen from thousands around the world to attend a pro-master cannabis course in the Netherlands in June 2019


Aaron Sadler

Aaron is a versatile leader in the business world. In 1994, he charted his career path, when he noticed a niche in the telecom industry. He launched the telecom company 7th Connection Communication in Denver, Colorado, growing company into a powerhouse–averaging $27 million a year in revenue.

In 2004 Aaron purchased roofing patents and the Dallas, Texas construction company, T-Rock Roofing which he quickly grew into the number one roofing company in Texas, grossing $15-25 million a year in revenue. Most recently,

Aaron has consulted in both the Montana and Oklahoma Medical Cannabis markets as an expert in cultivation facility construction.